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Reporting from The New England Boomers & Seniors EXPO 2011

Gen-Sights at ExpoThe New England Boomers & Seniors EXPO 2011, presented by Williston Publishing of Vermont, took place the weekend of October 29th and 30th, 2011 at the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston. Whether attendees were looking for ways to get a better night’s sleep, products to make everyday tasks easier, travel fun or options for senior living, the event provided lots of ideas, information, and inspiration for everyone. The attendees who made it through the unusually early winter nor’easter, found a combination of exhibitors, informational workshops and entertainment. Even though Boomers and seniors span more than 50 years in age, lifestages, and lifestyles, Williston Publishing more than met the challenges of targeting such a diverse group by bringing a wide range of experts together.

In speaking with some of the exhibitors and presenters, it was clear to us they were passionate about the solutions they were offering to Boomers and seniors. We were impressed with Jeff and Elizabeth from ShelfGenie, who showed us how adding pullouts to existing cabinets in a kitchen or bath could make much better use of the space as well as putting everything within reach, with a gentle tug of a drawer. Nora from Bathfitters showed us how economical it can be to upgrade a bathroom and the wide variety of styles and features that can make life easier and safer. Pat from River Bay Club in Quincy, a Brookdale Living property was excited to share how their facility uses technology to help their residents stay connected with family members. And Benchmark properties gave us a sample of their chef’s spice blends, that not only make food taste good, but can contribute to brain health. Alaina at AmRamp demonstrated how their convenient modular ramps give freedom to people with physical limitations, whether short or long term. I was happy to share that a close friend raved about how their product made a difference in her Dad’s life when he was recuperating from an accident.

The Boston Ballet and Boston Symphony added a cultural flair to the event, providing information, as well as performances and experiential workshops. Blue Cross Blue Shield and AAA, provided interactive demonstrations and presentations. If travel is your thing, you could connect with Collette Tours, the Manhattan Club, China Tours and others. Even business owners had the opportunity to learn something. Shelly Berman-Rubera of SBR-Small Business Results gave a presentation called 6 Steps to Small Business Results, that was so informative, even we got some tips on growing our business! And though we didn’t have the chance to attend, we heard that the concert by David Cassidy of Partridge Family fame, had fans rocking the house!

We don’t have the enough space here to mention something about every one of the over 140 exhibitors and presenters that took part in this event. (We'll be featuring some of them in upcoming posts as businesses that "get it" in understanding the Boomer Market.) The folks at Williston are committed to making it an even better EXPO next year and hope that Mother Nature will cooperate!

-posted by Laura Willis

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