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A Perfect “Fit” For Boomers

BathFitters_displayNot all bathtubs are created equal and that is especially true when it comes to Bath Fitter®. In our quest to find exhibitors that "get it" when marketing to Baby Boomers at the New England Boomers & Seniors EXPO 2011, Bath Fitter proved to fit our criteria. It's clear to us that Bath Fitter determined Boomers are a key target audience for their product line of acrylic bathtubs, bathtub walls, shower liners, and other bathroom remodeling products. This is quite evident by their thoughtful design of options that meet the needs of aging Boomers, their parents, or anyone needing ease of access when it comes to bathing and showering.

Bath remodeling can be a daunting task for anyone, but for those looking for a less invasive approach, Bath Fitter seems to be a viable option. After spending time inspecting their displays of simple but stylish tubs and showers, and speaking with the sales representative for the local franchise, it was apparent to Laura and I that Bath Fitter has a non-condescending yet informative approach that allows the Boomer to come to their own conclusions. And it was interesting to hear though many Boomers start out with a tub renovation in mind, most often the product selected for “aging in place” is the easy access shower.

If we were marketing "professors" we would give Bath Fitter an A+ for hitting the basic “Four ‘P’s” when targeting the Baby Boomer audience:
– Product - they've created a line to suit Boomers' needs and various life stages
– Place - they are displaying in a place to reach this audience
– Price - providing good quality and value for the cost
– Promotion - their sales approach, website and printed materials are clear, informative and depict Boomers in a positive light
Go to the head of the class Bath Fitter!

– Written by Tom Gorski

-posted by Laura Willis

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