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Boomers’ DNA – Love Affair With Cars

For a good part of my adult life I’ve always looked forward to receiving Consumer Reports', Best & Worst Cars annual edition in my mailbox and this year was no exception. Despite the fact that I hold on to my cars for on average of between 8 to 10 years, I’m still fascinated by both the newly redesigned models and new car introductions. Some people would say it’s in a Baby Boomer’s DNA to love cars, after all so many of us spent our youths driving some of the most iconic models, from the ‘55 Ford Thunderbird, ‘68 Dodge Charger to the ‘69 Chevy Camaro. Of course the list of cars is subjective but one thing is for sure, we Boomers grew up having a love affair with our cars.

While perusing through Consumer Reports I realized I look at car models quite differently now than I had in the past. Things like horsepower took a back seat to features such as seating, visibility, comfort features, gauge size, etc. Are you seeing a trend developing here? As Boomers mature our list of features begin to reflect more of our physical needs than recapturing our youth via a muscle car. Of course we won’t admit that truth, so that is where it becomes tricky for automobile manufacturers. How do you market a car to a demographic that refuses to admit they're aging?

Now I can’t claim to have conducted any research when it comes to automobile function and design but I certainly have been hauled around in a variety of models to tell you which models work for this 54 year old body and which ones don’t. There’s no question that how one feels in a car is personal but there are certainly some basic design features that any aging body will always feel good in. It’s these features that manufacturers need to incorporate into their design and then market them in such a way that is "cool", engaging and appealing, not insulting to Boomers. I charge you with this challenge!

For more information about automobiles and an aging population I suggest you read this article by David Aretha.

– Written by Tom Gorski

-posted by Laura Willis

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