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Senior Living Facilities That “Get It”

Innovative Senior Care_BrookdaleAs we continued to explore the New England Boomers & Seniors EXPO 2011, we talked to representatives from a couple of extended living communities that seem to be on track in keeping Baby Boomers in mind when promoting their facilities.

Pat Seidel from River Bay Club in Quincy, a Brookdale Living facility, shared with us how Connected Living allows their residents to communicate with family members on a regular basis. With a secure private social media online community combined with a little one-on-one training from the ambassadors, residents can remain relevant by using today’s technology. River Bay is in the process of adding a Skype component which will allow family members to be a part of their loved ones’ lives whether they’re down the street or across the country. Then Amy Amoroso let us know how the Innovative Senior Care division evaluates residents to be proactive in promoting and maintaining wellness in their residents and in the community.

We also talked with Barbara Marshall and Frank Quintiliani of Benchmark Senior Living’s Chestnut Park facility. They use Connected Living in their facility as well. Smart move. They also gave us a sample of some signature spices, Savory Sensation Salt Substitute, their culinary team has developed to keep things flavorful yet healthy. Something that’s important to the aging boomer population as well.
Benchmark_Chestnut Park
Both facilities offer options for a continuum of care, making life easier for both residents and their families. Fewer moves and disruptions makes for a better quality of life for all.

With the Baby Boomers being the influencers in their parents care, both of these facilities exhibit dedication in staying on the forefront of extended living to continue to attract residents to their facilities by:

– Incorporating useful technology to help their residents remain vital and relevant while making it easy for their children and grandchildren to stay engaged with their loved ones.
– Satisfying the sophisticated taste palette of the Boomer and Senior audience while providing healthy nutrition at the same time
– Anticipating changes in life stage, and providing options to address them

Since they are demonstrating the ability to stay on the forefront of care, the evolution will continue as the numbers of the aging population increases. Good to know they “get it”!

-posted by Laura Willis

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