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Lynn Schweikart - Principal, Co-Creative Director/Chief Story Teller

I spent a typical leading-edge Boomer childhood, growing up outside a small town in eastern Pennsylvania, watching Howdy Doody and the Mouseketeers on TV, playing hula hoop and jump rope at recess, going to the Twin Kiss drive-in after supper for ice cream.

I left my quiet rural childhood behind and spent the tumultuous late sixties at Northwestern University. Though I began college as a music major and graduated with a B.A. in sociology, it was there that I began my life-long love affair with writing, storytelling, and the works of Carl Jung. This all came in pretty handy when I moved to Boston and became an advertising copywriter, first at Ingalls, Quinn & Johnson/BBDOBoston; later at Hill, Holliday. I’ve been lucky enough to have some great brand stories to tell over the course of my career, as I’ve worked on advertising, collateral, and web projects for clients like Ocean Spray, Steinway, John Hancock, T. J. Maxx, and Bank of America. One of the best parts of starting my own business, LKS Creative Counsel, was that I had the opportunity to get involved in the branding and positioning aspects of marketing, as well as the creative. What makes our work at Gen-Sights so exciting is that we not only get to help companies find their own their own truths through archetypes and stories, we show them how to connect with the valuable Boomer audience in powerful, meaningful ways.

In addition to creating stories for clients, my interests include birdwatching, watercolors, kayaking, music, photography, and writing my food blog, Savoring the Seasons http://savoringtheseasons.blogspot.com/

Thomas Gorski - Principal, Marketing Strategist

I was born the same year as the iconic ’57 Chevy, near the end of the Baby Boom generation. My passion for marketing and advertising began at an early age in the ‘60’s, while watching all those great television commercials that accompanied my favorite after-school television shows and Saturday morning cartoons. As a true Boomer teen of ‘70’s, I embraced the cultural changes taking place as everything from the upheavals of the Vietnam War to Watergate to the first Earth Day took place on my high school watch.

Following my graduation with a degree in marketing from Western New England College, I honed my skills in classic, client-side consumer marketing as I moved from Assistant Product Manager, New Product Product Development, Rich Products to Product Manager at Lender’s Bagels/Kraft Food. I then entered the Boston advertising arena working on premiere brands such as Ragu, Pepperidge Farm, and McCormick Spices. At Ingalls,Quinn & Johnson/BBDO Boston I managed the Ocean Spray Foodservice, convenience store and vending businesses along with Cains Foods. At Gen-Sights, I get to apply what I learned through all those years of marketing products that truly represent my generation.

Laura Willis - Principal, Co-Creative Director/Design Strategist

Introduced to the world the same year as Barbie and Jiffy Pop, I remember being told at an early age that I had inherited my parent’s artistic talents. Given the influence of my Dad, who made furniture and dabbled in oil painting, and Mom, who loved all things artsy-crafty, it seemed to make sense that I would end up at the Massachusetts College of Art getting a BFA in Graphic Design and Advertising.As a typical Boomer, after-school TV viewing was part of my every day routine. The Adam's Family, The Monkees, Gilligan's Island, and with Mom being a Trekkie, I fell in love with Star Trek. Then of course, there were the commercials. I've always been a sucker for a good ad campaign, which probably led me to creating a few of my own since then.

My career path has taken me from mechanical artist through creative director to business owner. I’ve worked at both small to large ad agencies in and around the Boston area, helping to build consumer and business-to-business brands for local and national clients like TJX Corp., Ragu, Pepperidge Farm, Dunkin' Donuts, Ocean Spray, and CVS to name a few, plus on the corporate side at Lotus Development and Fidelity Investments.

Like a lot of boomers, after becoming a little disenchanted with the corporate world, I started my own virtual agency, Willis-Works Communications, creating brands in industries including real estate, telecommunications,financial and home health care. After caring for several aging family members, I have developed a passion for the growing needs of elder care. This, in turn, is part of what inspired me to collaborate with my two long-time colleagues and fellow baby-boomers to form Gen-Sights.